TASkills Bamberg ´23 (E)

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TASkills Bamberg by baskeTAS academy from Spain!

We have our own methodology following the best METHODS at an internacional level, showing our own identity we try to teach our players core skills they will be able to use in real game situations through the EXAMPLE!. 

BaskeTAS Academy focuses on the global development of the player. Everyone needs to develop all their skills in the training phase. Basics fundamentals help them adjusting the work to provide them other extra skills in unusual situations for them.

TASkills is focusing in your SKILLS… Your skills, your potential and your position are decided by you, your work and your discipline. GREAT PEOPLE first and foremost.

Our methodology, our tools, our knowledge move into the background, because the VALUES adquired through the development of TASmentality are the first and most important step to build.

You come to develop your basketball!

PLACES LIMITED to a small number of only 40 players. With a ratio of 6 players per coach.

QUALITY is our priority rather than quantity to give everything our baskeTASeros deserve.

English (main) and German LANGUAGES.

Aimed at players (GIRLS and BOYS) from:

– U12 (2012)
– U13 (2011)
– U14 (2010)
– U15 (2009)
– U16 (2008)
– JBBL (2007)

From BaskeTAS Academy we are totally open to receiving players (male and female) who with Work, Ambition and Personal Growth (TAS) wish to improve their basketball, regardless of their initial level.

«Patience is the mother of all sciences»

TASkills Bamberg 2023 will take place in two different weeks during summer 2023.

– In «Pfingtferien» will take place from May 29 to June 2 (Open registration).

– In «Sommerferien» will talke place from July 31 to August 4 (It will open registration in May/June).

TASkills Bamberg ´23 (Pfingtferien)

– Open registration date 12/04/2023.
– Registration DEADLINE 12/05/2023.

FULL INFO, price and registration HERE

Brose Bamberg Sport Halle

Hauptsmoorstraße (Strullendorf)

“"Do what you want, shape your DREAM,

You have to be the designer of your own life"”

We provide to our players.

    • 1 training shirts.
    • 1 basketAcademy towel.
    • 1 bottle basketTAS academy.

BaskeTAS academy will provide a SNACK for all of them EACH DAY.


  • 4 days (SKILLS) and last day competition.
  • Arrive between 8.45h to 9.00h.
  • Break around 11.15h (SNACK).
  • Finish at 14.00h.

Staff TASkills Bamberg ´23


Joaquín Carrasco

Abraham Carrasco


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